For our business to attract and retain people who feel “embedded” into it or have a sense of belonging – be they employees, investors, suppliers and customers – there has to be a culture, a vision and set of core values that they share.  It is the character of each individual that makes them right for the job, and embody our brand identity at every business location around the world.

Our culture refers to the beliefs and practices associated with being part of the Prax family.  They are formed around our core values and organisational ideology, and affect every aspect of our business.  Our culture is at the heart of the way we do business at the Prax Group and is very dependent on personality and fit.  Each employee is expected to embrace and respect these beliefs and practices.  For those who are willing to work hard, distinguish themselves and live up to our culture, there are always opportunities to grow and expand your career.

We celebrate our diverse and inclusive culture, where everyone feels valued and respected, by ensuring that each and every day, our colleagues around the world share the same sense of belonging and go out of their way to go above and beyond, both in their work and in their communities.

Our “Culture Wheel” outlines the ways in which you should embrace – and respect – the culture here at the Prax Group, and the values that we deem to be the most important.  So, do YOU fit in with our Prax culture?